World Building

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Map Settings

  • Map - There are two different styles of maps you can play on: pre-made and random. In order to play a pre-made map click the Load button and select a map. If you would rather play a random map click the button with the arrows on it.
    • Pre-Made - Pre-made maps are maps that were made in the Fallen Enchantress map editor. While the land masses in them are always the same from game to game, distribution of resources and other objects can potentially vary.
    • Random - Random maps are generated on the fly to form a new and unique play world. While they may not always feature the most well balanced world distribution, there is no better way to ensure a new experience every time.
      • World Size - When selecting a random map you can choose the size of your world. Different world sizes are optimized for different numbers of players; keep in mind that if you go outside of these recommended numbers you may end up with a bizarre world makeup.
      • Map Type - There are a number of different map types you can choose from when making a random world. The type you choose will change the structure of your world to fit different concentrations of terrain types.
  • Wildland Frequency - Sets the amount of Wildlands likely to appear in your world. Areas designated as Wildlands will have to be conquered before they can be settled in.
  • Champion Frequency - Sets the distribution of Champions in your world. The more the merrier. Or not.
  • Quest Frequency - Determines the amount of quest locations that are spawned on the map. This only affects quests spawned from Quest tiles on the map, not random events.

World Options

  • Difficulty - Adjust the difficulty of the world itself. This will not affect the other factions you are playing with but rather the creatures of the world itself. The higher the difficulty the more fiendish and aggressive they will be towards the player.
  • Monster Frequency - Sets the number of monster lairs spawned in the world. Increasing the number of creatures in the world will create a much more dangerous environment in addition to boosting the potential experience and treasure your units could gather.
  • Pacing - Modifies the speed at which all factions in the game research technology.
  • Magic Strength - Determines the magical power of the game world. The more powerful the world is magically, the more shard resource nodes you will find across the land.
  • Resource Frequency - Changes the frequency resource nodes will be placed in the world. This does not affect shards.
  • Random Event Frequency - Adjusts the frequency of random events. Random events are quests that have a chance of occurring during the game without requiring any action from the player to start. They can change the world drastically, sometimes for the benefit of the player, other times to their detriment.

Opponent Customization

Who Opposes You?

On the final screen of world setup you can adjust your game’s victory conditions and opponents. This screen will allow you to quickly and easily change the AI factions with broad strokes. If you wish to manually pick each faction that is in your game, click the “Customize Opponents” button for additional options.

  • Number of Opponents - Select the number of other factions you would like in the game. Try to keep your selection within the recommended number of players for your map size to ensure an ideal experience.
  • Kingdom Vs. Empire Balance - This option will set the balance of ideologies of the other factions in your game. When choosing your opponents manually, this option will be set to ‘custom’.
  • Typical Intelligence of Opponents - This option can set the general difficulty level of all AI factions at once. When choosing your opponents manually, this option will be set to ‘custom’.
  • Opponent Surrender Threshold - Here you can set how easily the AI factions of the world will surrender. The higher the threshold the more you will have to dominate them before they will consider surrendering.
  • Victory Conditions - The victory conditions section allows you select in what ways a player can be declared the winner.
    • Conquest - Conquest victory enables players to win by eliminating all of their enemies.
    • Diplomatic - Diplomatic victory enables players to win by forming an alliance with all players in a game.
    • Master Quest - Master Quest victory enables players to win by completing the Quest of Mastery, a special epic quest hidden somewhere in the world.
    • Spell of Making - This enables players to win a Magic Victory by casting the Spell of Making. It is unlocked through research and requires time and control of multiple shards to cast.


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