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There are 11 Wildlands in FE:LH, including the Pit of Lost Voices which is part of the Master Quest series. To conquer a Wildland, certain victory conditions must be reached by the player or by the AI. Until the Wildland is conquered, no cities (except for in Ruins of the Imperium) or outposts may be built inside its area. The limits of the Wildland can also not be pushed back with Zone of Control from cities or outposts. Once the victory condition is fulfilled, the limits of the Wildland will disappear, and most of the tiles inside the Wildland will now have Tile Yields (meaning you can settle cities on them).


> Asag

Victory Condition: Clear all Goodiehuts.

Notes: One of the Goodiehuts that needs to be cleared out contains the Wildland boss (Morian, the Ruin of Summer).

Introduction: It is a diseased land that lies before you - a vast rotting marsh, half swamp, half stagnant river, which reeks of death and corruption. Your soldiers have already killed half a dozen plague-infected creatures that were tracking your company - most no larger than rats, but one the size of a full-grown warg - and the cook has told you that none of the fish caught earlier will be fit to eat. And yet... if the sick and diseased were pruned from this land, if the marsh drained, and the grass allowed to grow... the Asag could once more be fertile, productive land...

> Bhinadmi Fissure

Victory Condition: Defeat Abeix, who Dwells Beneath

Introduction: Your scouts have led you to the edge of an impassable crevasse - a crack in the earth a mile wide, a crack long enough that you cannot see its end. A formidable barrier to your progress - but what lurks inside is more formidable still. This is the dwelling place of Abeix - one of the Elemental Lords of old. In the days before the coming of men and the Titans, his kind ruled this world. Now his domain is shrunk to encompass only the chasm before you.

For a moment, your heart aches for this fallen god, and his plight. Yet you know if you can defeat Abeix and his creatures, this territory will be yours.

> Burning Lands

Victory Condition: Defeat Delin, the Pyre of Man

Notes: Almost all monsters from the Burning Lands have some Fire attack, meaning fire resistance is vital to surviving.

Introduction: Your throat is parched - the stench of sweat and smoke is all around. You cough, take a long drink of water and survey the land before you. It is rock, and lava, and fire. Pockets of flame erupt from the ground everywhere you look, and no wonder: these are the Burning Lands, the territory of Delin - the Elemental Lord of Fire. It is the territory of his creatures as well - the Ignys, the fire snakes who guard his sanctum, and that of the lesser elementals he commands.

If you seek to restore life to these regions, you will have to fight - and defeat - all of them.

> Curgen's Tomb

Victory Condition: Clear all Goodiehuts inside the Wildland. Note that the quests says to "slay all the monsters within this wasteland", but that is not necessary.

Introduction:Centuries in the past, a great war was fought between the two most powerful Dred'nir - Curgen, and Kir-Tion. For years on end, the two Titans struggled for supremacy until in one final, world-shattering battle, Kir-Tion was killed; his army, his weapons of war, his very body were obliterated from Elemental. These devastated lands - these twisted rocks, these awe-inspiring craters - mark the boundaries of that battlefield.

Strange creatures are said to roam it. Mana shards are believed to abound. Tame this land, and those energies could be yours...

Website Description: The final resting place of the fearsome Dread Lord Curgen, one of the mightiest of the Titans. This shattered wasteland still teems with wild magical energy as fragmented elemental power sows itself amongst the dead rocks. Here you will find Elementals of all natures eager to bring destruction on those who seek the valuable shards within.

> Lombard Desert

Victory Condition: Defeat Torax, Who Grinds Mountains to Dust.

Introduction: Long ago, this land was home to the Illuna - an order of scholars whose knowledge of the ancients was second to none. Destroyed once by the Titans, devastated a second time by the Cataclysm, it has become a desert - cursed by sandstorms, inhabited by savage wildings and Elementals of the Sand and Wind - and by the Lord who rules them, Torax. Somewhere within this wasteland, though, it is rumored that the Illuna's great Library still stands. If you can reach it, their knowledge - their power, their technology - can be yours...

Website Description:The treacherous Lombard Desert is known for playing with the minds of those who dare to cross it. The harsh climate is just the beginning, however, as the Desert is rife with sinister magic taking the shape of sandstorms, lesser Elementals and the mighty Elemental Lord Torax, who grinds mountains to dust. Those brave enough to seek out it’s treasure could find themselves at the legendary lost Library of Illuna, which is said to hold ancient knowledge now lost to the outside world.

> Northern Wastes

Victory Condition: Defeat Vetrar, the Guardian of the World's End.

Notes: The monsters from the Northern Wastes commonly have some Cold attack. Get Cold resistance to reduce their damage.

Introduction: Before you, stretching from horizon to horizon, is a landscape as desolate as any you have ever encountered - a frozen world of ice and snow; not a blade of grass, not a speck of dirt in sight. It is the Elemental Lord Vetrar who rules here; the Guardian of the World's End. This is a place of despair and endless suffering. But if you can find Vetrar... if you can defeat him, and the forces he rules, you may be able to restore life - and hope - to this land once more.

> Pit of Lost Voices

Victory Condition: Defeat Waerloga the Dragonlord

Notes: This Wildland does not spawn monsters and will remain passive until the quest is initiated and the gates are opened.

Introduction: Gouged from the black obsidian of N'it'Vaganesh by the Titan Curgen, guarded by a great iron gate, the Pit of Lost Voices is haunted by the damned and the dying. Here were sacrificed thousands of the Titan's creations: those who fell short of perfection in his sight, those who angered him, and those who lost favor for some trivial offense. Stand near enough to the gate, and their voices can be heard still, some say. Though others believe those voices belong to Curgen's demons - drednii of dark power, drawn to the suffering within the Pit, and trapped there when the Cataclysm sealed the iron gates shut.

> Pits of Namtur

Victory Condition: Explore all the caves in the Pits of Namtur.

Notes: This Wildland does not spawn monsters and will remain passive until the caves are entered. It will only unleash monsters into the world if whoever enters the cave fails to defeat its inhabitants.

Introduction: A seemingly endless series of caves pockmark the hillside before you - too many to have formed naturally. You soon realize where you are: Namtur. In the time before this one, Prince Az al-Himbsa - the torturer king - claimed this mountain to bore his legendary pits. Hundreds of them, stretching deep into the earth. Within each he placed either a great treasure - or a cruel trap - a cache of gold or a savage demon, a precious jewel or a monstrous beast. And Az-Himbsa and his guests would delight in sending their servants out to explore these deadly caverns. You wonder if any of those treasures - or any of those creatures - survived the Cataclysm. There is, of course, only one way to find out.

Website Description: The Pits of Namtur are a series of caves that are said to stretch clear to the underworld. Few adventurers are brave enough to venture into the Pits, even fewer return to tell the tale. Those that do tell a tale of riches and power beyond your wildest dreams, always arm in arm with warnings of creatures of unfathomable power.

> Ruins of the Imperium

Victory Condition: Build a new city on the ruins of the Imperium. There is a special tile where you can build a city using a pioneer in the more difficult parts of the Wildlands.

Introduction: Before you is a crumbling stone arch. There are words chiseled into the rock, words written in Avostan - the language of the Titans. One of those words jumps out at you: Imperia. In the time before this one, the Imperia were the Titan Curgen's bases - outposts of his empire, scattered throughout the land. You are instantly on guard, for the descendants of the dark creatures Curgen deemed worthy to be his sentinels may yet roam the ruins visible beyond the gate. Yet if you can conquer those survivors, and build a city of your own here, the rewards will be great indeed

Website Description: Many know that the races of the Fallen were originally crafted by the Titans in their own image. Few, however, know of the Imperium; a society of wild humanoid monsters bound together through the power of the Titans into a deadly Empire. For years they terrorized the world of Elemental, until the Cataclysm came destroying their masters. Without the fear of the Titans holding their tenuous alliance together they regressed to their wild ways and the once fierce nation fell to ruin. Now all that is left are the scattered remnants of their lands, still occupied by many of the creatures that formed the Imperium. These fragmented camps now comprise a force that, while unorganized, is still deadly to anyone foolish enough to seek to reclaim the once great Empire of Imperium for themselves.

> The Scrapyard

Victory Condition: Clear all Goodiehuts.

Introduction: Here lies a grisly reminder of the great wars of ages past, a battlefield stretching as far as the eye can see. The tattered banners of kingdoms long since vanished - Antheros and Vazghur, Redstone and Imperium - still flutter in the breeze, in the grip of skeletons whose flesh and clothing have rotted away. But metal remains; armor glittering in the sunset, longswords and halberds, battleaxes and daggers scattered on the ground. In the distance, smoke rises from a campfire. Someone has taken up residence here; if you want to claim any of the scraps here as your own, you'll have to fight for them.

The big dangers are the armies of Guardian Statue and Wilding Shaman. Cleaning out this wildland will yield much metal especially from the Scrap Golems. There are also wonderful magical items that can be looted. Looting all the Goodiehuts without killing all the denizens will result in the denizens wandering around causing damage.

> The Shroud

Victory Condition: Conquer the Darkling City.

Introduction: The mist that covers the world grows thicker. As you halt to gain your bearings, a man steps by you and disappears. "The Shroud! We are in the Shroud!" someone cries out, fear tingeing his voice. No wonder; the Shroud is a place of mystery and death. Those who enter disappear, never to be seen again. Some say they are whisked across the world, to other cities, other places. Others believe them transported to Deorcnysse, a city that stands in the Shroud's heart - a city containing great treasures, yours for the taking if you brave the Shroud's depths and defeat Deorcnysse's defenders

Website Description: Nowhere in the world of Elemental is more mysterious and enigmatic than the Shroud. The stories go that anyone in the Shroud as night falls is lost into the abyss. No one knows for sure what happens when the light fades, the few people that have lived to tell the tale say they have blacked out and awoken in different places with no memory of how they got there. One thing is constant in all their stories, however: Darklings. Some claim to have seen an entire city of the foul creatures in the depths of the Shroud; although most consider this to be the ravings of madmen.


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