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• A List of Elemental: Legendary Heroes Mods and Resources •

            Note: Elemental: Fallen Enchantress Mods and Elemental: War Of Magic Mods are currently not listed on this page, but may be added at a later date.
            Click the relevant links above for more info on mods for those games.

    • Nexus Mods Elemental: Fallen Enchantress link

    • Nexus Mods Elemental: Legendary Heroes link Newly created page for E:LH.

    • Link to the Official Elemental: Legendary Heroes Modding Forum

    • Link to the Regularly Updated Thread listing of Mods in the Official Elemental: Legendary Heroes Modding Forum

 Here is the list from the forum thread above that provides forum links to the current mods available for Elemental: Legendary heroes, that I know of.
For the most up to date list, please check the above link regularly for updates!

Simple Mods

- These mods change some feature of the game, or add a minor feature/item/etc., but do not dramatically alter or majorly change the game.  Minor add-ons, etc. fall under this category.

Parrotmath's Mod Collection for Legendary Heroes  By Parrotmath, of course!
- This link above contains information about Parrotmath's following mods:

- enables the user to build piers and logging camps whenever their city is near a river or forest (not just the city hub, any part of the city)

- enables the user to build a bridge when reaching a river. Once built it allows you to build your city on the other side of the river.

- enables the user to EDIT these henchwomen to make female henchmen as well as their male counterparts.

- adds the ability for militia to have weak armor when researching high level techs in the tree.

- adds an entire new building style with 85+ new building designed around tents. Most tiles do not utilize the height and are just tents.

- Provides an injury only obtainable by henchmen that will kill them the next time you enter a tactical battle and they die.

- Provides similar bases to all the world wonders, and takes 90% of the time to build, at a fraction of the bonus. If you complete these bases, then you can build the last 10% and make the world wonder of full effect. Essentially the world wonders are no longer removed from your que when someone starts building them.

- Adds new improvements that allows you to build whenever your city hub is next to a swamp. These improvements provide your units with fire or toxic attack.

- adds for henchmen the death adept ability and removes the life adept ability for fallen empire using the race of men. You will only notice a change if you make a custom faction with the race of men.

- Adds a new version of binding for kingdom custom factions, with somewhat new elementals.  This includes the Glass Elemental, Inferno Spirit, Eagle Spirit, Perlite Elemental, Iru Servant, and also the Angelic Shortsword and Weak Gladiator Armor.

- Changes the Maul ability to lose 10% accuracy plus 10 more. Prevents the infinite maul syndrome for prone troops.

[eMod] AI and Immunity:
- Updates the AI to consider some immunities when using fire attacks, lightening attacks, and cold attacks

[eMod] Summoner Units:
- Adds a trainable unit that has the ability to summon either an earth, ice, air, or fire elemental, an ability for custom unit designs to summon either an earth, ice, air, or fire elemental, and 4 new quests where you can get a special powerful summoner unit upon completion.

[eMod] Armor Attributes:
- Stops the player from using a chain armor ability in unit design when the faction only has the ability light plate, Wraith units to not have the Armor Prerequisites, stock Wraith factions have no armor as default, and Updated quite a few AI designs to utilize the new prereqs<strong></p> <p><strong>[eMod] Sacrificial Elementals:
- The war against the fallen enchantress has gotten desperate and willing men and women sacrifice themselves to the elements to help combat the growing fallen empire.  This mod adds 4 elemental suits as special units to train for the Amarian race, with varying abilities tied to said elements.

(eMod) Wildland Boss Fix By Parrotmath
- Currently in E:LH, if you kill the wildland boss outside his realm the wildland is not converted. This Mod prevents the wildland boss from leaving the wildland itself (mostly). That is Vetrar, Delin, and Torax will stay within the confines of their wildland permanently throughout the game.

Note: To use this fix, you must overwrite core files unfortunately, and it must be installed in the location of your steam version of the game.

(eMOD) Larger Unit Details Window By Heavenfall
- This Mod changes the display of traits and equipment in the unit details window, so as to cover less of the unit portrait.

(eMod) Several New Random Map Settings By sjaminei
- This file contains new random map settings for all sizes as well as adding Gigantic.

(eMOD) One City to rule them all  By sjaminei
- This mod removes the ability for pioneers to make more cities, so you only get one city, for the custom race included in this mod.  It includes two custom race specific buildings to allow you to keep up with the other empires, a new empire race/faction, adds a Life Magic book to your city shop, a new city level at 1000 population (Level 6), and a new building reward adding +1 of each Elemental Shards power.

(eMod) Rise of the Conclave Army  By sjaminei
- This mod adds 3 new buildings, 1 new magic staff in the shop, and a new ability. It should be standalone and work fine with other mods. The 2 common buildings will make conclave units decent, and the 3rd will make your mages crazy glass cannons. Tower of the Magi is also a very interesting choice for your lvl 5 conclave pick, with high magic and elemental resists for your troops.

(eMOD) Enchanter's uEYE - and also (eWIP) Version, Now In 11 Faction Flavors By cardinaldirection
- This Mod streamlines the Elemental: Legendary Heroes GUI, and intended to make better use of screen space at higher monitor resolutions.  Beta 1.23 now also available, which tweaks the GUI positioning a bit more, and also introduces  11 'faction flavors' providing new color themes for the GUI.

(eMOD) Duke the Wolf Lord By Odinlowbane
- This Mod adds the aforementioned Duke to the game.

">(WIP)(eMod) Defender & Assassins Traits Tree By Cohka
- This Mod adds 4 New Traits to the Defender Tree and 3 New Traits for the Assassin Tree.

(eMod) The Pioneering Mod  By jshores
- This Mod makes some changes to pioneers and how you earn them, by introducing a new Settlers resource.

DatedSandwich's Mods By DatedSandwich of course!
- This forum thread contains info regarding the following mods:

Otherworldly Allies:
- This mod adds an ability called "Otherworldly Allies" when creating a faction, that unlocks new units based on whether your faction is Empire or Kingdom.  Also includes a a new quest.

Construct Soldiers:
- This mod adds a new ability that allows you to train various construct or golem units when selected at Faction creation.

Trainable Wargs:
- This mod allows you to train Timber Wargs and Shadow Wargs with the Warg Riding technology. No ability needed, all factions get them.

Special Units _Train Juggernauts and Iron Golems:
- This mod allows you to train Juggernauts and Iron Golems

Wildland Allies:
- This mod adds an ability "Wildland Alliance" that allows you to train various "wild" units

Shrill Master:
- This mod adds an ability selected at faction creation that allows you to train Shrills and Shrill Lords with the Arcane Mastery and Book of Mastery techs respectively.

(eMOD) Faction Ability : Lady Umber's Legacy By tamides
-A Faction Ability that adds the possibility to train Young Umberdroth, Adult Umberdroth (Blacksmithing), Elder Umberdroth (War Colleges), Black Crag Umberdroth (Sion Temple), Ophidian (Rituals) and Black Drake (The Black Quire).

(eMOD) Monuments XP v1 mod By tjashen
- This mod adds a small amount of experience every turn to units stationed in cities containing Monuments, Guardian Statues, or Guardian Idols.

(eMOD) Enhanced Sion's By tamides
-  This mod adds two more Sion's to the game, a Celerity Sion and a Vigor Sion.

(eMOD) Necromancy Revamped By Dhuran
- This Mod adds a faction ability and class path aimed at expanding your options for necromancy. It includes new spells, trainable undead untis, and more necromancy themed items. You can install them all in one package or pick which components you want (to keep this as compatible as possible).</span> Reanimation Rituals enables trainable undead (skeletons, spectres and liches) that unlock with magic tech (much like Cult of 100 Eyes). Necromantic Compendium adds the Necromancer class path.</span>

(eMOD) Champion Bonanza By Hellions
- This Mod adds adds 219 new champions to level up or slap around in the sandbox along with the official ones. Includes 3 new quests and 2 random events.

(eMOD) Black Market Bazaar  By Hellions
- This mod adds 68 new items: accessories, consumables, weapons and armor pieces. Also includes new item related spells.

(eMOD) Assassin Rebalance By Potatocat
- This Mod changes the Assassin tree, adding some new abilities, and changing/deleting some of the other abilities.

(eMOD) Path of the Ranger - New Path By brich1212
- This Mod adds a new Path for Ranger/Hunter types, and introduces new ranged weapon and other abilities.

(eMod) Professions Plus Mod By Ivon1631
- This Mod makes some changes to the profession choices, and adds new bonuses for said professions in the game.  In addition, the Warlock class has been renamed Evoker, Armorer is now Blacksmith.

(eMod) Outpost Upgrades By attackdrone
- This Mod adds five new improvements to Outposts.  AI tweaks have been added to encourage them to build the new upgrades.

(eMOD) Frontiersman: Scout Types w/Outpost Building Mod By tjashen
- This mod adds the Frontiersman Ability/Trait, which combines the Scout Ability with the ability to build Outposts, and it adds Frontiersman units to all core races.

(eWIP/eMOD) Designable Roadbuilder & Settler Units for Legendary Heroes By tjashen
- Adds designable Pioneers and Roadbuilding units to Elemental.  New version on the way soon...

(eMOD) Improved Catapults By GFireflyE
- This mod adds lesser catapults which can be played with throughout, adds the greater catapult, and revamps the Watchtower to accomodate the new designs.

(eMOD) Unique City Defenders By GFireflyE
- This mod introduces unique defenders that are more balanced for the base game. Now Mages will defend conclaves, crossbowmen will defend towns and knights will defend fortresses.

(eMod) Fervor - Two New Factions, new sovereign professions, advantages, disadvantages By attackdrone
- This mod adds two new races, two new factions and bloodlines, two new faction disadvantages, two new faction advantages, two new hero disadvantages, two new hero advantages, and two new professions. Adds access to new spells for the Dark Rites trait, and adds buildings to towns and outposts for the Fervor trait.

(eMOD) Unlikely Heroes By BernieTime
- This mod contains 4 Unique Heroes to be found in your travels.  Two additional heroes are in process for later release.
Each of these heroes have 3 unique skills that unlock at predetermined levels [4/7/10].

(eMOD) Triglav National Park (terrain+trees textures) By mttriglav
- This mod modifies some of the terrain and tree textures.  Fallen surroundings look more  burned, scorched, volcanic, covered with ash and the trees look withered and greyish-brown.  Also modifies Kindgom surroundings so that mountains are more stone-looking, along with other texture tweaks.

(eMOD) Demons and Wizards - Summoning Mod  By abob101
- This mod introduces a new path, Path of the Summoner, and modifies the Mage path by removing most of the Summons abilities and replacing them with other abilities.  This means that there are now two distinct paths for spellcasting types.  Also, summons have been reworked, so that Summons are now 'stackable' to allow for multiple units of the same type, with the total number of Summons allowed being determined by how big the 'Summoning Pool' is.   Other changes as well, see thread for details.

(eMOD) Demons & Wizards compatibility patch for Patchwork mod  By abob101
- This is the patch for the original Demons & Wizards mod to make it compatible with Patchwork mod.

">(eMod) Rise of the Tanar'ri  (New Race)  By Ivon1631
- This mod introduces the Tanar'ri, a new playable race inspired by a mix of influences most notably the Frost Giants from the CoS mod by Heavenfall. Tanar'ri are a unique playable race with several strengths and weaknesses. Rise of the Tanar'ri introduces several different weapons, gameplay mechanics, spells, and abilities.  This is an alpha release intended for playtesting only.  The designer is seeking feedback on the mod.

" (eMod) Loading Screen Tips  By darxim
- This mod adds a bunch of new gameplay tips to the LH game loading screen.  These new tips will give more suggestions on gameplay, and also mention a few more of the game concepts.  Note that the game randomly selects these tips each time you load a game.  See thread for more details.

(eMOD) I Need To Move! and NoXPSplit for Quest & Event Heroes mod  By StevenAus
- This mod increases the moves for the slow (base 2 or 3 Movement with no ability to use mounts) Champions Mausolos the Construct, Raza the Wilding Shaman, Kasst the Spider, Tuatha the Troll and Huhrus the Ogre to a starting amount of 3 Strategic Moves and 2 Tactical Moves and automatically adds 1 of each move for every 10 levels.  This also includes the NoXPSplit mod which creates mirror heroes with the same abilities but are considered to be a new hero by the game.

(eMOD) - Republic Government and "Carian Republic" Faction  By davrovana
- This mod introduces the Res Publica faction trait, which jolts your economy at the expense of a strong military. Also, your mana rate is 25% lower from cities. Be prepared for a very different experience. Fully upgraded fortresses and units will crash your economy if you're not careful - you'll have to rely on fewer troops with better tech.

(eMOD) Path Of The Paladin  By davrovana
- This mod adds a new path, the Paladin, and also the Anti-Paladin, to E:LH, with some associated quests and abilities.

(eMOD) Level 6 and 7 cities mod  By davrovana
- This mod adds Level 6 and 7 Cities.

Primal Savage's Mod Compilation

(eMOD) XtraDeconstruct  By Primal Savage
- This is a collection of Primal Savage's mods, most of which are listed/may be downloaded individually below.  It includes well over 6 dozen .xml files and associated .gfx/dxpack files, all compiled into one convenient .zip file.

   -Various Primal Savage Mods (most of which may be downloaded individually)

AI Enhancements [Up to 8 files]
- Adds 11 difficulty levels and modifies many AIPriorities.

Additional Events [Up to 5 files]
- TriggerChance increased for all events as well as additional events increasing Minimum XP and Creatures Levels.

Game Adjustments [Up to 4 files] (Including an updated version of sjaminei's Irregular/Gigantic Maps
- Various additions (Tax rates slider, Elemental Defs adjustments, Additional Unit Stats Details, Irregular/Gigantic Maps).

Meaningful Diplomacy [Up to 3 files]
- Positive influences increased and Negative influences decreased. Also, a new treaty.

New Strategic Spells [Up to 5 files]
- Bribe, NoMoreRoads, SellBuy, TirelessPage, Transmute.

Pandora's Box Randomizer [Up to 21 files]
- Various RNG-related modifications (Type, Likelihood, RarityDisplay, BoolVal1, Value, AIPriority, ShopValue)

Performance-improving improvements [Up to 3 files]
- More shop items, CityHubs-based meditation, Channeler's Legacy Improvement.

Unrest Reduction [Up to 14 files]
- Reduced AI (and Player) unrest.

UI Modifications [1 folder, 6 .dxpack]
- "Trait Path Choice Windows" allowing users to see modded Champion paths w/o having to scroll.

Wildlands Fixes [Up to 11 files]
- Wildlands related fixes (e.g. Operational Wildland Boss fix restricting such entities to their Wildland).

Other Fixes [Up to 7 files]
- Various fixes (e.g. The Dead faction is now player only as the AI can't play it properly).

(eINFO) Clothe Icon Loot Bug (Fix)
- Instructions on how to fix the 'clothe icon loot bug'.  Included in XtraDeconstruct.

(eINFO) XPSwitches & XP (General)  By Primal Savage
- Instructions for increasing XP given by a single UnitType (Monsters, Champions, Sovereigns, etc.) via .xml utilizing XP Switches.  Also in the Xtra_Deconstruct thread.

(eWIP) XtraLOM Homage  By Primal Savage
- An LH Mod on "Lords of Magic". Advancing very slowly but functional.

AND MORE... (See XtraDeconstruct thread)

(eMOD) +init Staves for Mage Heroes  Bycatquiet1
- This mod adds the Spellweaver's Staff (+3 init, 5 ranged lightning damage, Hero only) at Enchantment Tech and the Archmage's Staff (+4 init, 10 ranged lightning damage, +20 dodge, hero only) at Arcane Weapon Tech.

(eMod) Armor Visuals By DsRaider
- This Mod makes adjustments to the visual appearance of various armors for various races.

(eMod) City Spires By DsRaider
- This Mod removes City Archers from the game and replaces them with towers. These towers are ranged units that will defend your cities and scale much better over time. Along with some small bonuses over city archers they mainly have much higher defense and they will use the best bows available. Upon death the units in the tower will die and no other units will be able to walk on the tower tile.

(eMOD) Improved Undead (Requires "The Dead World" DLC Content) By Rotlung
- This Mod makes several changes to the undead faction. Most of these changes do not affect balance outright, but affect how the AI will behave, to improve their AI gameplay performance.

(EMOD) Avalon Mod By anc40
- This Mod is based on the Arthurian mythos, and intended for players of high difficulty games, to allow them to be competitive with the AI without having to nerf it or cheat. It includes a new high powered faction, as well as a sovereign to go with it. Also includes a new Champion as well as several new items.

(EMOD) Recruit Mod  ByRedindus
- This mod changes the recruit cost of some units that require population. For example: recruiting or forming a party of scouts (3x units) requires three population points, while a compnay of scouts (6x units) requires 6 population points.


Extensive Mods

- These mods make significant changes to the Elemental: Legendary Heroes experience, and often alter core game files in significant ways.

(eMOD) Children of Storm By Heavenfall
- A high fantasy mod pack for Fallen Enchantress: Legendary heroes by Heavenfall, with help from EviliroN. Players are advised to not play with the Rivermod on Huge maps, as the game may have issues with memory then.

(eMOD) Heroic Pursuits - Levelling Traits, Abilities, Spells + More By bluegreen0
- This mod adds a large amount of new traits that fit into the current trait trees in the game. No traits have been changed or modified, these traits have simply been added. Therefore other mods that use traits would be possible if they didn't occupy the same spots on the trees.

(eMOD) Tile Mod By Shawn2k7
- This Mod modifies almost every aspect of tile generation system in Legendary Heroes. The aim is to make the world feel much more alive, vibrant and varied. The base tiles have been modified as well as resources, which now have a much greater effect on tile yields. This creates the possibility  of some very interesting, and powerful cities.

(eMOD) Immersion Mod By BlackRainZ
- This Mod makes significant changes to Elemental.  All units now require population, All city types can build walls, new way of growing cities, cities can grow to much larger populations.  Production time for units greatly decreased, with resource requirements tweaked to balance weapons, as well as leather armors versus chain versus plate.  XP needed to level Champions reduced, and a number of other changes (see thread).

(eMOD) Titanic War By Werewindlefr
- This Mod makes significant changes to Elemental.  Hero paths give level bonuses, unique/hero-only weapons less strong, Hit points increased, city hubs add to production and research, spells more powerful, units take less time to produce, high quality gear is much more expensive, and a number of other changes (see thread).

<(eMOD) Urxen Witch By Tamides
- This Mod adds a few things to the Urxens...

(eMod) Blood & Mana By DsRaider
- This Mod is sort of a compilation of some of DsRaider's other work plus some unique stuff.  It adds some new traits and creatures, adds some tweaks to the AI, includes the Armor Visuals Mod, and also includes a lot of the content from Age of Fangs.

(eMOD) Additional Faction Traits and Races By DsRaider
- This Mod adds several new faction traits, and adds two completely new races known as the Hashaini and the Hunduran. These new factions have custom units and traits. This mod also replaces and redesigns Capitar and Umber in order to make them more interesting and complete.

(eMOD) Age of Fangs By DsRaider
- This Mod completely reworks how factions recruit monsters and special units. Recruitment of special units is tied to a new resource called tokens, which are produced by Primitive Villages. Villages after found by clearing out certain monster lairs. Each faction can recruit basic units such as Darklings, and gets a unique heavy monster. Almost all units are designable and can be upgraded with new armor(non-graphic) and weapons to stay relevant all game.

(eMOD) AI Plus By DsRaider
- This Mod introduces a few changes to the AI, with the goal of making it more competitive.

(eMOD) The Dancing World By yarmyarch
- This Mod designed for insane epic games mostly, for those who like real challanges.  All monsters gain 6% to attack, 8% to defend, 1 accuracy, 1 dodge and 2 magic resist PER LEVEL.  strong/deadly/epic monsters appear more frequently in the mid/lategame,   Numerous other tweaks and changes, to monsters as well as player faction abilities and such (see thread).

(eMOD) Tile Detail Reduction (Performance Increase) By Darxim
- This Mod improves framerates by removing small details from existing tiles. Most of the details removed will be unnoticeable aside from many particle effects (such as smoke) that have been removed from buildings. This mod should allow the game to run on slightly lower-end PCs as well.

(eMOD) MEGA pack textures, animations and sounds for LH By vito74mm
- This Mod </span>improves the quality of nearly all the textures in the game, adds some improved animations, and adjusts the game music to make the world seem more murky.

(eMOD) Patchwork mod - AI boost By webusver
- This Mod improves the AI and makes some aspects of the game more comfortable to play

(eMOD) Children of Storm compatibility patch for Patchwork mod By webusver
- This Mod makes the Patchwork Mod compatable with the Children Of The Storm Mod</span></span>.</span></span>

(Legendary Heroes) Deutsche Übersetzung By Viranto
- This mod is a German Translation for the game apparently...



- New quests for Elemental: Legendary Heroes

Man Under The Tree By Parrotmath.  Special thanks to DSRaider for the Icon.
- Adds a new quest, where you can obtain a city improvement called the Gildar Tree. This was specially made for Trojasmic as it was his quest idea. 
Scroll down the list, this quest is towards the bottom of the first post.

4 Summoner Units Quests By Parrotmath.
- This is part of the Summoner units mod.  Adds four new quests, where you can get a powerful Summoner unit upon completion.

Henchwoman Quest By Parrotmath.
- This is part of the Henchwomen mod.  Adds a quest where you can get Francine, a candle bearer. A rather unique quest with a surprise fight in a tower.

(eMOD) - Alternative Master Quest: The Lost Forge By davrovana
- This is a quest that will begin shortly before turn 200.  It tells a story inspired by the Legendary Heroes campaign, some late game random events buried inside Legendary Heroes, and the game's background lore.

(eMOD) LH Quest: An Old Friend By tjashen
- A quest for Legendary Heroes, that shows up very early ingame.  It introduces a couple of new characters to the game.  New version on the way, so I'd STRONGLY recommend holding off until the updated version is released...

(eMOD/WIP Thingie) LH Quest: The Plains Of Sirius By tjashen
- Another quest for Legendary Heroes, that shows up very early ingame.  It introduces more new characters to the game.  New version on the way, so I'd STRONGLY recommend holding off until the updated version is released...



- These are useful programs, widgets, etc. for the Elemental Modding experience.  Quest Builders, Mod Managers, etc. fall under this category.

Elemental Quest Editor by Parrotmath
- A utility program that allows players to build new quests, and edit current ones.

(Tool) Treasure drop auto-add by drusekx
- This is a tool to automatically edit xml files containing units and add treasure for those units based on their equipment.

New Editor by random_thoughts_7
- This is a tool that allows the editing/creation of quests, improvements and techs. Hopefully I will add a few more things. It needs testing, so any help is welcome!.

(eMOD) XtraModders  By Primal Savage
- This is a set of tools for modders. Note: Files are available after XtraDeconstruct files (Same thread) [Up to 7 files].

[eLIB] Xtra_Modders_Arcanium
[eLIB] Xtra_Modders_XPSwitches
[eTOOL] Xtra_Modders_Announcements
[eTOOL] Xtra_Modders_Fillers
[eTOOL] Xtra_Modders_Vault
[eTOOL] Xtra_Modders_Sovereign
[eUTIL] Xtra_Modders_NewRaceTemplate


Odds & Ends

- These are bits and pieces for the game, mainly intended for use by modders in their own mods.

(eLIB) Improved Dual-wield skeleton By Heavenfall
- This Mod adds an Improved Dual-Wield Skeleton to the game.

(eLIB) UnitStat Background Mod</a> By Heavenfall
- This library mod is for other modders to include in their mods. There is no point downloading this on its own as a player.

Object Sanity Thread (modding from the /mods/ folder  By Heavenfall
-This thread has some very useful informaton about file interactions in Elemental.  A must read for Modders!

Reference: Elemental LH Weapons Spreadsheet  By tjashen
-This spreadsheet displays the relevant data for Weapons, as found in the CoreWeapons.xml file, in .xlr/MS Works Spreadsheet format.

(eINFO) Thread TagsBy Primal Savage (Original post by Heavenfall)
- A LH repost about what tags to use in thread titles.

(eINFO) XML Commands LibraryByPrimal Savage
- A list of various tags, attributes and other variables used in Elemental.  The list is a work in progress, and is being updated regularly as more info as added.

(eINFO) The Colors of LH  By Primal Savage
- Listing the various colors used in LH.

(eINFO) Maximum Active Quests By Primal Savage
- What counts as a quest and what doesn't. 

(eTUT)How-to set MaxActiveQuest at 25 (See end of first post)</strong>  By Primal Savage
- Instructions on How-to set MaxActiveQuest at 25 (Instead of 10, the default value).

(eTUT) How-to fix the "Clothe Icon Loot Bug"By Primal Savage
- Instructions on how to fix the 'clothe icon loot bug'.

(eLIB) A_LHLIB_Fix_ClotheLootBugBy Primal Savage
For Modders: This file fixes the Clothe Icon Loot Bug.

(eLIB) A_LHLIB_TraithPathChoiceWndBy Primal Savage
For Modders: 5-6-7-8-9-10 TraithPathChoiceWnd allowing users to see modded Champion paths w/o having to scroll.

*End of the LH Mods list*

Miscellaneous Links

- A small collection of relevant links for Elemental: Legendary Heroes.
- This is the Nexusmods page for Fallen Enchantress, which also has some mods for Legendary Heroes.
- This is the newly created Nexusmods page for Elemental: Legendary Heroes.


      Elemental: Fallen Enchantress and Elemental: War Of Magic Mods are NOT included in the above list.
You should check the Official Fallen Enchantress Mods Forum or the Official Elemental: War Of Magic Forum for related Mods.
A mod will need to have a related thread in the Official Elemental: Legendary Heroes Mods Forum before it may be added to the above list.

Hopefully at a later date, a list of Mods which are compatable Fallen Enchantress and War Of Magic will be added to this page, when/if such a list is eventually compiled.

      This list does not include/track modfile version numbers, as these get changed often in the relevant thread.  Check the relevant thread for the latest updates for each mod, and info about which patched version of E:LH it has been tested in/updated for.



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