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Type Weapon Hands Range Champion Lvl Shop Resource Cost Atk Ele EDmg Ini Crit% Description
Blunt Club 1 15 6 -4 A gnarled root of pine, ripped from the ground and fashioned into a club.
Blunt Doom Club 1 Y 100 12 -4 The wood has been stained black by dried blood, and the handle feels eerily warm, like shaking hands with a murderer.
Blunt Champion's Club 1 Y 60 9 -4 A thick club made of enchanted ironwood. These clubs were favored in the wildlands where frequent troll and ogre attacks threatened border settlements.
Blunt Crude Club 1 Y 5 6 -4 Calling it a club may be too kind. It's the branch of a tree.
Blunt War Club 1 25 6 -4 Gnarled root of the Ironeer Oak, this club is a lethal weapon.
Spear Staff 2 15 4 -1 A thick wooden staff, useful to wanderers of the wastes, and handy as a weapon in a pinch.
Spear Staff of the Furnace 2 Y 160 5 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 5 -1 This staff continually smolders with an internal fire.
Spear War Staff 2 Y 40 8 -1 A thick wooden staff, useful to wanderers of the wastes, and handy as a weapon in a pinch.
Staff Caster's Staff 2 Y Y 60 6 -1 In Pariden, when an adept is ready to become a mage he must enchant his own staff. In Umber, they must kill another mage and take theirs.
Spear Queen's Staff 2 Y 20 4 -1 A thick wooden staff, useful to wanderers of the wastes, and handy as a weapon in a pinch.
Spear Monk's Staff 2 45 Crystal 2 5 -1 This enchanted staff was made to deflect blows, but it works as well as any staff when striking opponents.
Spear Sindarian Staff 2 45 9 -1 The Sindarian Staff is crafted by those who know the ancient Amarian techniques.
Spear Staff of Souls 2 Y 390 4 -1 This staff allows a channeler to feed on those it kills, fueling their spirit.
Spear Banishing Staff 2 Y 200 6 -1 Favored by summoners, a Banishing Staff is often used to keep unruly elementals in line.
Staff Haunter's Staff 2 Y Y 120 6 -1 An ornate staff carved from the wood of the Asaq.
Spear Spellstaff 2 Y 660 6 -1 This staff hums with magical energy. Spell casters that carry it will find that their spells are harder to resist.
Spear Winter's Staff 2 Y 4 315 6 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 12 -1 This staff chills the blood and turns the wielder's breath to frosty vapor in even the warmest environments.
Staff Hailstone Staff 2 Y 290 Crystal 6 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 12 -6 Thick gloves are suggested for those that wield this staff.
Staff Incineration Staff 2 Y 150 Crystal 3 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 6 -6 A jet of fire can be coaxed from the embers that eternally burn on the tip of this staff.
Staff Hellfire Staff 2 Y 290 Crystal 6 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 12 -6 Also known as the dragon's breath staff. A torrent of fire can be coaxed out of the flames that continually burn at the staff's tip.
Staff Leht Staff 2 Y 290 Crystal 6 Stat AttackLightning Icon.png Lightning 13 -6 Much like Queen Procipinee herself, this staff's beauty is a mask for the power it contains.
Staff Ice Staff 2 Y 140 Crystal 3 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 6 -6 Enchanters sell these staves in the Lombard Desert - not because they are powerful weapons, but because they keep the wielder cool.
Spear Crude Spear 2 Y 5 4 This spear is little more than a sharpened stick.
Spear Spear 2 30 5 A strong oak spear, sharpened to a deadly point.
Spear Short Spear 1 30 5 This spear is short enough to be wielded with one hand, leaving the other free for a shield.
Spear Guiding Spear 2 Y 180 7 This spear bends and twists to seek out victims. It is a powerful weapon even for those unfamiliar with warfare, but be careful practicing with it.
Spear Champion's Spear 2 Y 200 10 Rumors say that this spear isn't enchanted. Instead it has claimed the lives of so many darklings, ogres and trolls that it yearns to kill more.
Spear Air Elemental's Spear 2 Y 300 5 Stat AttackLightning Icon.png Lightning 2 As white as the clouds, the spear's delicate beauty causes many to underestimate its dangerous potential.
Spear Ice Spear 2 140 Crystal 2 6 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 1 The point pierces armor, and the chill seeps through flesh and bone.
Spear Short Ice Spear 1 140 Crystal 2 6 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 1 The point pierces armor, and the chill seeps through flesh and bone.
Spear Winter's Spear 2 Y 530 5 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 5 In order to enchant these spears they must be laid in the artic for nearly a century. Unwilling to wait, enchanters rob the graves of warriors that may have been buried with their weapons.
Blunt Warhammer 1 30 9 -4 The warhammer can crack the hardest skull.
Blunt Bacco's Hammer 1 Y 30 6 -4 It looks like Bacco may have stolen this from a carnival game.
Blunt Battle Hammer 1 30 11 -4 Only the Ironeers can make a warhammer this well.
Blunt Doom Hammer 1 Y 4 380 18 -4 Those that wield this hammer find that their dreams are filled with visions of battle and death.
Blunt Blessed Hammer 1 Y 120 15 -4 It is a grave marker with a handle, a deadly reminder that the dead should remain so.
Blunt Hammer of the Singing Forge 1 Y 3 435 16 -4 This hammer's head is made of lodestone, making it difficult to lift but nearly impossible to stand against.
Blunt Banishing Warhammer 1 Y 390 14 -4 The head of this hammer is carved from the deep granite of Elemental, and is a powerful weapon against creatures that aren't from this world.
Blunt Windhammer 1 Y 80 9 Stat AttackLightning Icon.png Lightning 1 -4 Once used to break pieces of crystal from stone, this hammer has absorbed some of the crystal's energy and releases a burst of it on every strike.
Blunt Lightning Hammer 1 160 Crystal 2 10 Stat AttackLightning Icon.png Lightning 2 -4 This warhammer crackles with lightning and the sound of thunder crashes each time it strikes an opponent.
TwoHanded Axe 2 30 Metal 2 8 -2 Sometimes wood is not the only thing that needs chopping.
Blunt Dual Axe 2 30 Metal 3 10 Sometimes wood is not the only thing that needs chopping.
TwoHanded Berserker's Axe 2 Y 690 8 -2 The jagged blade of this axe hungers for blood, and drives those that use it into a fury.
TwoHanded Sharp Axe 2 Y 90 12 -2 5 "Guts spilled out on the snow. Like rotting tomatoes. He asked if my axe was sharp, now he knows." - Trog Poetry
TwoHanded Balanced Axe 2 Y 195 11 -2 This axe was never intended to chop wood. It is a beautifully-crafted weapon; it's almost a shame to use it to split skulls.
TwoHanded Burning Axe 2 150 Crystal 3 9 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 2 -2 This axe smoulders with an internal fire, but when its handle is gripped the blade bursts into flame.
Blunt Dual Burning Axe 2 150 Crystal 4 10 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 2 This axe smoulders with an internal fire, but when its handle is gripped the blade bursts into flame.
TwoHanded Ignys Axe 2 Y 3 410 8 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 8 -2 This axe was carved from the sharpened carapace of an Ignys. The material strengthens the enchanter's fire rune and burns brightly.
TwoHanded Hunter's Axe 2 Y 260 12 -2 These versatile axes are as useful for chopping wood as well as defending against the creatures that lurk in the woods.
TwoHanded Golem Axe 2 Y 30 8 -2 This axe has been through many wars.
OneHanded Primitive Dagger 1 Y 5 4 This bronze dagger is dull and worn but can still bite.
OneHanded Dagger 1 30 Metal 1 6 3 This is a basic dagger, suitable for dining or stabbing.
OneHanded Shadow Dagger 1 Y 295 9 3 Favored by assassins, this dagger slips as easily through armor as a crow through the night sky.
OneHanded Assassin's Knife 1 Y 90 3 3 This dagger is valued for its small size, allowing it to slip into a sleeve or a hidden pocket and strike before the victim even realizes it is there.
OneHanded Burning Dagger 1 Y 180 6 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 3 3 This dagger is popular in battle and is used by field surgeons, who use its blade to cauterize wounds.
OneHanded Sharp Dagger 1 Y 75 8 3 5 This dagger can kill and skin its victim without damaging the hide. Hunters prefer them, as do the more depraved Urxen murderers.
OneHanded Dagger of the Leech 1 Y 75 9 3 If you leave a dagger in the waters of the Flooded Graveyard at the height of summer, and pull it out on the leanest day of winter it will always hunger.
OneHanded Sacrificial Dagger 1 Y 210 9 3 10 This is the shattered blade of a sword that was once used in ritual sacrifice. It is now little more than a dagger.
OneHanded Razor's Edge 1 Y 420 12 3 15 A king bragged that he used this dagger to shave his face. Until the day it slit his throat.
OneHanded Anguine Edge 1 Y 300 15 Ability PoisonousI Icon.png Poison 2 / turn 3 The Naja bone grip of this dagger is a reminder of the deadly venom that always drips from its edge.
OneHanded Toxic Dagger 1 Y 450 8 Ability PoisonousII Icon.png Poison 4 / turn 3 Not to be used in the kitchen.
Blunt Mace 1 45 14 -4 Not designed for the subtle, the mace is deadly even in a peasant's hands.
Blunt Scepter of Dominion 1 Y 7 3000 28 -4 Not designed for the subtle, the mace is deadly in even a peasant's hands.
Blunt Stone Mace 1 Y 45 11 -4 The mace is ridiculously large - like someone attached a pole to Procipinee's ego.
Blunt Sculla's Mace 1 Y 9 930 28 -4 A delicate mace, crafted for a woman's use. Its appearance hides its power, and those struck by it often find their opponent towering over them.
Blunt Banishing Mace 1 370 Crystal 3 16 -4 Etched with runes, this mace is enchanted with wards against summoned creatures.
Blunt Ice Mace 1 Y 5 400 14 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 7 -4 In moist environments ice forms around the head of this mace, slowing it down and making it heavier than normal. After a few swings the ice is usually broken off and victims find that the rune-etched iron beneath is just as cold and twice as deadly.
Blunt Frore Mace 1 Y 9 610 14 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 14 -4 Snowflakes fall from the head of this mace. In battle they get caught in the breeze and leave a soft white trail behind the wielder's attacks.
Blunt Vetrar's Fist 1 Y 15 850 21 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 21 -4 Much as Vetrar himself, this mace's power is relentless. It seeps through armor, freezing the muscle and bone even through armored plates.
Blunt Bishop's Mace 1 Y 5 425 21 -4 This mace should be in a museum as the example weaponsmiths should aspire to. However, it is equally suited to the battlefield, covered in blood and the bone splinters of its victims.
TwoHanded Battle Axe 2 45 Metal 3 12 -2 The battle axe is built for war and those with the strength to wield it are worthy of caution.
Blunt Dual Battle Axe 2 45 Metal 4 14 The battle axe is built for war and those with the strength to wield it are worthy of caution.
TwoHanded Butcher's Axe 2 Y 180 18 -1 This axe is not enchanted, it was used to take so much innocent life that it bears that stain permanently upon it.
TwoHanded Guillotine Axe 2 90 Metal 3 14 -2 5 As cruel and lethal as the guillotine is, it is to slow for the trogs. They fitted the blade to a post and prefer to bring it to its victims, instead of the other way around.
Blunt Dual Guillotine Axe 2 90 Metal 4 16 5 As cruel and lethal as the guillotine is, it is to slow for the trogs. They fitted the blade to a post and prefer to bring it to its victims, instead of the other way around.
TwoHanded Burning Battle Axe 2 620 Crystal 5 13 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 2 -2 The blade of this great axe is set with twin citrines. The amber gemstones look like eyes, and are said to be able to entrance enemies in battle.
Blunt Dual Burning Battle Axe 2 620 Crystal 7 15 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 3 The blade of this great axe is set with twin citrines. The amber gemstones look like eyes, and are said to be able to entrance enemies in battle.
TwoHanded Ignys Battle Axe 2 Y 6 750 12 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 12 -1 Many adventurers hunt Ignyses just to get the pieces of carapace needed to craft these axes.
Spear Boar Spear 2 45 Metal 2 9 A Boar Spear has two "wings" behind the blade to keep enraged boars from charging up the spear and attacking the wielder (Trogs have been known to do the same).
Spear Winged Spear 1 45 Metal 2 9 Krax weaponsmiths forge lighter versions of the boar spear so their soldiers can wield them with shields in battle.
OneHanded Short Sword 1 45 Metal 2 9 3 A short, light sword, for those who need to be quick on their feet.
OneHanded Guardian Blade 1 Y 180 12 2 According to legend the bearer of this sword walked through an Urxen Horde unmolested because none dared attack him.
OneHanded Practice Sword 1 Y 90 10 As slow and dull as those who use it - though over time at least the latter improves.
OneHanded Balanced Short Sword 1 Y 180 11 4 Favored as gifts for young noblemen, these swords are as beautiful as they are deadly.
OneHanded Rusty Short Sword 1 Y 5 8 -2 This sword has seen better days.
OneHanded Hunter's Short Sword 1 180 Crystal 3 11 3 At one time these swords were known as blooding blades because young Trog warriors would head into the wilderness with them to fight and kill bears. The was discontinued when much worse things than bears began killing the warriors.
OneHanded Fending Blade 1 70 Metal 2 10 3 Fending Blades are designed to be light and quick, making them the perfect defensive weapon.
OneHanded Venomous Short Sword 1 Y 570 14 Ability PoisonousI Icon.png Poison 2 / turn 4 The poison that coats this blade is only lethal when exposed to blood, making the blade safe to handle - as long as you don't have any cuts on your fingers.
OneHanded Toxic Short Sword 1 Y 3 720 16 Ability PoisonousII Icon.png Poison 4 / turn 4 The blade of this sword appears to be black glass. The poison it emits paralyzes the victim's lungs, causing them to suffocate during battle.
OneHanded Serrated Shortsword 1 Y 750 15 4 10 The Sons of the Naja reward their assassins with these swords after the most dangerous, and profitable, jobs.
OneHanded Fiend Blade 1 Y 6 1800 24 4 Also called the demon blade or the frenetic blade. The wielder often has trouble sleeping and staying calm, but there is no doubting its power in combat.
OneHanded Broadsword 1 Y 45 15 2 A broad-bladed sword with a lethal slash, wielded with one hand.
OneHanded Skath Claw 1 45 Metal 2 11 4 The weaponsmiths of Umber take great pride in their curved swords and the additional length of sharp blade they offer.
OneHanded Shadow Broadsword 1 Y 4 180 18 2 "I would rather fight a man in armor. He imagines he is safe, but some weapons can slip through steel." -Rahelle the Scorpion
OneHanded Berserker's Broadsword 1 Y 360 15 2 This sword incites a warrior in battle, allowing him to unleash a flurry of attacks until his victim is dead, or his own heart explodes.
OneHanded Scinan Broadsword 1 Y 4 180 18 2 New Pariden knight-commanders often carry these broadswords. Many glow in the presence of the creatures they are enchanted against, and warn against ambushes or raids.
OneHanded Sharp Broadsword 1 Y 4 180 19 2 5 The pommel is carved into the head of a stalker. The blade is so so sharp it whistles as it passes through the air.
OneHanded Razor Broadsword 1 Y 5 240 21 2 10 Made famous in the Tarth gladiator arenas, these swords make the battles short and bloody.
OneHanded Silver Broadsword 1 Y 5 90 Metal 3 20 2 The Silver Broadswords of Capitar are as effective in war as steel blades, but are more effective against Elementals and the Twisted creatures of the world.
OneHanded Legendary Broadsword 1 Y 7 180 25 2 "The others play at war. When my legions have these swords, their games will be over." - Lord Enil Markin
OneHanded Brutal Broadsword 1 Y 10 360 30 2 "It drove other wielders mad with violence and visions. But when Verga touched it he became calm. Which made us even more afraid." - Scearp the Weaponsmith
OneHanded Dancing Blade 1 Y 7 360 25 8 Also known as the dream blade, this sword guides the wielders attacks making their movements fluid and perfect.
Spear Pike 2 60 Metal 3 14 A deadly weapon for hunting or war.
Spear Champion's Lance 2 Y 5 600 10 -2 Usually fitted with a banner this lance is a powerful symbol of a champion's strength, and elevates them from common soldiers to heroes.
Spear Guiding Pike 2 Y 5 400 20 With these pikes even a blind man could fight in battle.
Spear Lightning Pike 2 860 Crystal 5 15 Stat AttackLightning Icon.png Lightning 3 Also known as the lightning rod, this pike not only unleashes lightning with every attack but helps protect its wielder from the lightning attacks of others.
Spear Short Lightning Pike 1 860 Crystal 5 15 Stat AttackLightning Icon.png Lightning 3 Also known as the lightning rod, this pike not only unleashes lightning with every attack but helps protect its wielder from the lightning attacks of others.
Spear Hummingbird Pike 2 Y 4 1000 19 Crafted in Tan-Takreet, these power Pikes float weightlessly in the air, making them easy for even the most feeble to wield. But their true power is in their ability to summon Air Elementals in battle.
Spear Short Pike 1 75 14 "Bring the armorers and make them lay with their creations." - Emperor Karavox after being defeated at the Battle of Spines.
Spear Holhiarn Pike 2 Y 10 840 30 The tips of these pikes are taken from the cursed crystals found in the walls of Holhiarn. Enchanters found that if they used them at the tip of a weapon and held them far enough away the misfortune would strike their enemies.
OneHanded Longsword 1 60 Metal 3 14 2 A long-bladed sword.
OneHanded Equinox 1 Y 2700 25 2 The sword Equinox is the physical personification of the Elemental Lord Morian. Captured in the blade is the power of the seasons themselves. It can be used to bring life; or take it.
OneHanded Angelic Longsword 1 Y 120 10 2 When pulled from the scabard this sword rings with the sound of harps and distant angels singing.
OneHanded Golem Longsword 1 Y 60 11 2 This sword has seen many wars.
OneHanded Assassin's Blade 1 Y 60 10 4 A voice whispers to you, "I am the assassin's blade, enchanted to fulfill the tragic desires of those that wish upon my altar. Use me to fulfill those requests and I will seek your enemies as well."
OneHanded Druss Blade 1 Y 9 960 28 4 The spirit of an assassin demon is bound into the sword. These swords often appear faded and grey in bright light, but gleam like silver in the darkness.
OneHanded Pyre Brand 1 Y 9 900 14 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 14 2 "At first the smell of burning flesh is revolting, but in time you will find yourself yearning for it." - Bibiana
OneHanded Boreal Blade 1 630 Crystal 5 15 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 3 2 The spirit of an ice elemental is bound into the sword and it incessantly whispers for its wielder to lie down and sleep forever.
OneHanded Sharp Longsword 1 Y 9 870 20 2 5 Originally fashioned of obsidian, enchanters eventually discovered how to use less expensive steel swords. Most crafters still embed a piece of obsidian in the crossguard as a reminder of their former style.
OneHanded Heartseeker 1 Y 9 1020 28 2 15 A deadly sword in the hands of a skilled master. In the hands of a novice, it is likely to cut off the wielder's arm.
OneHanded Sovereign's Sword 1 Y 13 1260 36 2 This longsword provides mana each time it kills a victim, and allows the wielder to discharge that mana in a powerful blast.
OneHanded Scimitar 1 75 Metal 3 14 2 Inspired by the curved teeth of the monsters they slay, the scimitar combines the speed of the sword and the power of an axe.
OneHanded Athican Longsword 1 75 Metal 3 15 2 With almost perfect balance, the longswords of Athica are faster than comparable blades of other factions, and they allow an additional counterattack.
OneHanded Sword of the Sun and Moon 1 Y 2460 36 2 10 This sword was not forged in this world, but carried from another by the titan Pariden. It has a symbol of constellations on its crossguard and its pommel is a star. Though it was mere ornamentation for the titan, it far exceeds anything crafted by men.
OneHanded Serrated Longsword 1 Y 7 1080 25 2 10 The jagged blade tears flesh, cuts through muscle and hooks the bone beneath.
TwoHanded Greatsword 2 Y 9 150 28 A greatsword of surpassing quality, known to cleave through multiple opponents in a single swing without slowing its bearer to a crawl.
TwoHanded Pendulum Axe 2 Y 7 225 25 -2 Perfectly balanced to swing, through any living thing. Through bone or scale, or Gilden plate mail. A bloody death it will bring.
TwoHanded Sunderer 2 Y 2700 35 -2 This axe comes from a place of darkness, a place far below and unknown to men. Scrawled on the blade, in the language of the Brood, is the word 'Eater'.
TwoHanded Sarog's Axe 2 Y 2500 20 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 20 -2 This axe is fashioned from the tooth of an ancient dragon. Some have tried to take teeth from Sarog by force, but never with any success.
TwoHanded Great Axe 2 75 Metal 4 17 -2 "With axes like these, why do I need diplomacy?" - The Warlord Verga before beheading his diplomatic advisor.
Blunt Dual Great Axe 2 75 Metal 6 19 "With axes like these, why do I need diplomacy?" - The Warlord Verga before beheading his diplomatic advisor.
TwoHanded Heart of the Glacier 2 Y 2700 28 Stat AttackCold Icon.png Cold 28 Many have attempted to kill Vetrar and put an end to the prophecy that he will destroy mankind. Whatever hero once wielded this sword came close.
TwoHanded Serrated Greatsword 2 Y 12 1170 34 10 Most laugh when they see the comically long blade, which is far longer than would be practical for killing a man. But there are much larger things than men in Elemental.
TwoHanded Sythe of the Void 2 Y 8 2040 42 How many weary battles has this sword seen? They all fade into a single echoing whirl. Though the wielder of this blade may dance easily through them, he remembers little.
TwoHanded Legendary Greatsword 2 Y 15 225 42 "Now this is a sword." - the Warlord Verga
TwoHanded Brutal Trog Scimitar 2 Y 14 1200 38 If there is one symbol of the Yithril empire it is this sword; it is powerful, dangerous and without mercy - useless for non-military pursuits, but invaluable in war.
TwoHanded Sword of Wrath 2 Y 15 1725 50 After the sacrifice of Red Spring, as the butchermen writhed upon their altars, Amhah called to Curgen. The titan never responded, the ritual was incomplete. Realizing his spell would never end Amhah turned his sword on himself, but it was too late.
Blunt Maul 1 75 22 -6 "If their armor protects from our hammers, build bigger hammers." General Carrodus
Blunt Sledge 1 225 24 -6 "What chance do men have against weapons that have chewed through mountains and burrowed through the heart of Elemental herself?" Lord Markin
Blunt Doom Maul 1 300 Crystal 9 26 -6 Blood seeps through the leather straps that bind the maul's handle. Some assume it is from a recent kill, but even if left idle for days the maul continues to bleed.
Blunt Bashing Maul 1 Y 15 840 44 -6 This maul looks like the gong for a giant bronze bell - and those struck by it will feel like the bell itself.
Blunt Floating Maul 1 Y 15 300 40 Though it hits as hard as a normal Maul, it is as light as a feather.
Blunt Titanic Maul 1 Y 15 1230 50 -6 When battling in mud, the hero Adelman was said to be able to hold entire armies at bay with this Maul.
Blunt Curgen's Hammer 1 Y 15 2995 66 -6 The hammer of a god. Pity the armies that will cower before it.
Bow Crude Shortbow 2 Y 5 6 -8 A crude bow made of driftwood and twine.
Bow Shortbow 2 Y 45 7 -8 A bow of rough cedarwood, strung with milkweed fiber.
Bow Ignys Shortbow 2 Y Y 90 7 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 2 -8 These are known for having a powerful enchantment on inferior material, and have been known to burst into flames in the middle of battle.
Bow Heartwood Shortbow 2 Y 45 8 -6 These light bows are unique to the Tarth and can be fired faster than normal shortbows.
Bow Venomous Shortbow 2 Y Y 180 11 Stat AttackPoison Icon.png Poison 5 -8 Decorated with jade scales, the bow passes its enchantment onto every arrow it fires. Archers are advised to wear gloves when using the bow.
Bow Balanced Shortbow 2 Y Y 240 11 -6 A cedarwood bow carved with glyphs and symbols.
Bow Hunter's Shortbow 2 Y Y 270 8 -8 This bow is carved from the thighbone of a cave bear. The enchantment is fairly simple; it's procuring the thighbones that is difficult.
Bow Crossbow 1 Y 75 Metal 1 8 -8 This is a powerful weapon that can shoot clear through a body and into the person behind him.
Bow Longbow 2 Y 75 Metal 1 9 -6 A long bow of cedarwood, strung with milkweed fiber and accompanied by a quiver of iron tipped arrows.
Bow Ithuane Longbow 2 Y 75 10 -4 Crafted by Tarth bowyers, these are the finest longbows available. They can be fired more quickly than normal longbows, have a slightly higher attack and don't require metal to craft.
Bow Guiding Longbow 2 Y Y 300 14 -4 Arrows fired from this bow will curve and arc in the air to find their target.
Bow Ignys Longbow 2 Y 320 Crystal 3 12 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 2 -6 Also known as the firefly bow. Arrows fired from this bow catch fire in the air, often making the arrows appear to jump out of the sky on dark nights.
Bow Flaming Longbow 2 Y Y 5 660 10 Stat AttackFire Icon.png Fire 10 -6 Fire fast, the arrows start to burn when the bow is drawn. If you are to slow there won't be much left of the arrow by the time it strikes its victim.
Bow Lightning Longbow 2 Y Y 5 720 10 Stat AttackLightning Icon.png Lightning 1 -6 The lightning doesn't apply until the arrow strikes its target; then a flash of lightning arches from the bow to the arrow and into the victim.
Bow Toxic Longbow 2 Y Y 5 705 10 Stat AttackPoison Icon.png Poison 10 -6 Traditionally these bows have beads set inside the wood so that they rattle when fired.
Bow Heavy Crossbow 1 Y 105 Metal 1 10 -8 Heavier than a normal crossbow this weapon clears battlefields like a sythe reaps wheat.
Bow Perfect Crossbow 1 Y Y 3 315 16 -4 Urxen marksmen brag about how many they killed with a single shot. Enemies or allies count equally.
Bow Yew Longbow 2 Y 105 Metal 1 11 -6 A long bow of yew with iron tipped arrows.
Bow Ram's Horn Longbow 2 Y 105 12 -4 The powerful Ram's Horn Longbow has a higher attack and initiative than Yew Longbows. In addition, it ignores 50% of the victim's defense.
Bow Brutal Yew Longbow 2 Y Y 15 870 33 -6 Arrows fired from this bow howl as they fly through the air, calling to their victim and carrying within them all the pain and misery of those they have killed before.
Bow Perfect Yew Longbow 2 Y Y 6 900 22 -2 Made from trees of the forests of Iru T'Alavar, these bows don't require any additional enchantment.


Type Armor Champion Shop Resource Cost Df In Dg Cold Res Fire Res Ltn Res Spell Res Description
Boots Leather Boots 40 1 Boots made from molded leather. They provide the barest of foot protection.
Boots Soldier's Boots 50 1 Common boots are intended only for style and warmth and fall apart quickly in battle. But these remain sturdy when trudging through swamps or urxen pits.
Breastpiece Leather Cuirass 80 2 A cuirass made from molded leather. It will provide the wearer with minor protection from all types of damage.
Breastpiece Padded Vest 40 1 Lovingly stiched together by some soldier's wife or mother, and about as useful in battle as a bib.
Breastpiece Brood Cuirass 80 2 10 This cuirass was not forged but crafted from the chitinous plates of a rock spider bound with thin cords as strong as steel.
Breastpiece Athican Leather Cuirass 100 3 25% A cuirass made from molded leather. It will provide the wearer with minor protection from all types of damage.
Breastpiece Spectral Leather Cuirass Y 170 5 A cuirass made from molded and hardened leather. The hardened leather feels reinforced by magical means, providing the resistance of metal even though it is lighter than normal leather.
Head Leather Helm 40 1 A helm made from molded leather. While it will only protect you from the lightest of blows, it will make you look stylish.
Head Glyph Leather Helm Y 90 2 6 This simple leather helmet is adorned with magical glyphs to help ward off enemy spells. It will not, however, provide additional protection from more conventional blows.
Bracers Leather Vambraces 40 1 Armlets made from molded leather. They may not protect you from much, but something is always better than nothing.
Bracers Soldier's Gloves 50 The young prefer to hold their weapons in their bare hands. After a few battles few want to touch their weapons again.
Bracers Brood Vambraces 40 1 Edges as sharp as an axe make this vambrace more deadly than defensive.
Bracers Dragonfly Bracers Y 60 2 Though these arrows allow the arms to move in a blur of motion, their enchantment does not apply to the rest of the body.
Bracers Naja Skin Gauntlets Y 90 2 These are also called Swordmaster's Gloves. The truth is that their magic doesn't come from training or expertise, but from the deadly proficiency of the Naja whose spirit is still embodied within them.
Boots Chain Boots 80 Metal 2 2 Boots constructed from interlaced metal rings.
Boots Grounded Chain Boots Y 90 3 50% These otherwise ordinary chain mail boots have been enchanted to help shield the wearer from lightning.
Breastpiece Chain Shirt 200 Metal 4 6 -1 A shirt constructed from interlaced metal rings.
Breastpiece Ruined Chain Shirt Y 40 5 -1 Many would question the benefit of an armored shirt with gaping holes in it. But at least some parts will be protected.
Breastpiece Spectral Chain Shirt Y 270 8 This chainmail shirt's links are hardened beyond normal metal. There is a light glow to it providing it with an almost ethereal quality.
Breastpiece Ophidian Scale Shirt Y 380 12 -1 6 The links of this chain shirt are interspersed with the unmistakable glow of crystal.
Breastpiece Reinforced Chain Shirt Y 320 10 -1 This chain mail shirt has been reinforced with additional braces and padding for improved protection.
Head Chain Coif 80 Metal 2 2 The interlocked chain links of this coif provide protection but this is still a far cry from an actual plate helmet.
Head Glyph Chain Coif Y 180 3 6 This chain coif has been imbued with mystical glyphs to help shield its bearer from enemy spells.
Head Warding Chain Coif Y 480 3 8 The aura of protective energy emanating from this otherwise ordinary chain coif seems to be the work of a skilled enchanter.
Bracers Chain Vambraces 80 Metal 2 2 These armlets, constructed from interlaced metal rings.
Bracers Ophidian Scale Gauntlets Y 620 3 6 These scale gauntlets heighten the spellcasting power of the wearer.
Boots Masterwork Chain Boots 140 Metal 2 4 The intricate pattern is clearly the work of a master armorsmith and serves to strengthen the armor.
Breastpiece Masterwork Chain Shirt 260 Metal 4 8 -1 This chain shirt was meticulously crafted by a master armorsmith. The fine craftsmanship has led to a lighter fit while actually providing improved protection.
Head Masterwork Chain Coif 140 Metal 2 4 The complex interlaying of chain links on this coif are clearly the efforts of a master armorsmith and have resulted in a more resilient helmet.
Bracers Masterwork Chain Vambraces 140 Metal 2 4 The chain links of this pair of armlets have been woven together in a pattern that reinforces their strength. It is clearly the work of a master armorsmith.
Shield Kite Shield 130 Metal 4 6 6 A triangular shield fashioned from flattened steel. It provides the wearer with a greater range of protection than a standard round shield.
Shield Dragonscale Shield Y 280 8 8 50% This shield has been constructed out of fire-resistant dragon scales. A skilled wielder will be more resilient against flames.
Shield Weathered Shield Y 90 5 5 This shield has been through many wars.
Shield Mirror Shield Y 150 6 6 The surface of this mirror reflects the enemy's attack, and the enchantment reflects the damage.
Shield Obsidian Kite Shield Y 590 8 8 10 The metal of this shield is inlaid with obsidian. As a result it has become more adept at deflecting magical spells.
Shield Phoenix Shield Y 500 8 8 50% 50% 50% This shield has been magically etched with the image of a Phoenix by a master enchanter. It shimmers with magical energy and wards the user against all forms of damage.
Shield Shrill Shield Y 600 6 6 50% This kite shield has been padded and enchanted to help protect the wearer from lightning.
Shield Warding Kite Shield Y 300 6 6 8 An ordinary steel kite shield that has had a series of enchantments placed on it to ward off enemy spells.
Boots Plate Boots 220 Metal 4 5 -1 Boots made from forged steel and intricately designed to provide additional protection while actually using lighter metals. The design is ancient; a relic of a long lost civilization.
Boots Champion's Boots 440 Crystal 6 6 -1 These boots have been carefully crafted by a master armorsmith. The delicate carvings on them belie their true purpose, to provide the utmost protection.
Boots Grounded Plate Boots Y 240 6 -1 50% These boots are made of enchanted steel bound with crystals from an air elemental's staff. They not only protect wearers from lightning, but also make them light on their feet.
Boots Light Plate Boots 140 Metal 3 3 -1 These boots are made of layered plates of refined steel. There is no more comprehensive (or heavy) style of leg protection available.
Boots Rusty Boots Y 18 4 -1 It nicely compliments your bloodstains and bruises.
Breastpiece Plate Cuirass 420 Metal 6 10 -2 A cuirass made from forged steel and intricately designed to provide additional protection. The design is ancient, a relic of a long-lost civilization.
Breastpiece Gladiator Armor Y 750 10 A holdover from the arenas of Capitar, before Tarth led the revolt. What was once a mark of enslavement is now worn proudly by Tarth champions.
Breastpiece Champion's Cuirass 840 Crystal 9 11 -2 This plate cuirass is clearly the work of a master armorsmith. Its plates have been layered to provide it with additional resistance to impact.
Breastpiece Spectral Plate Cuirass Y 1520 12 This plate breastplate glows with a pale white light. The enchantment makes it stronger than steel but nearly as light as leather.
Breastpiece Impenetrable Plate Cuirass Y 4110 16 -2 There is an unmistakably magical shine to this breastplate. Its metal has been enchanted to improve its strength. You would be hard-pressed to find a more protective chest plate.
Breastpiece Light Plate Cuirass 340 Metal 5 8 -2 A heavy breastplate made from layered plates of forged steel. No other style of armor provides greater protection.
Breastpiece Rusty Cuirass Y 64 9 -2 All the weight of plate armor with none of the benefits.
Breastpiece Reinforced Plate Cuirass Y 710 12 -2 Sometimes more is better. This chest plate has been reinforced with additional padding and armor plate to protect the wearer beyond standard plate armor.
Breastpiece Star Forged Cuirass Y 4800 18 -2 This armor feels like an exoskeleton for the wearer. The healing magic is so powerful that those that wear it once forever feel exposed and naked without it.
Head Plate Helm 220 Metal 4 5 -1 For ages the secrets of the finest helmets was thought to be lost to the world. Now they have been unearthed, bringing back a marvel of protection and efficiency.
Head Champion's Helm 440 Crystal 6 6 -1 It's amazing how master armorsmiths are able to get higher performance out of the same materials than an apprentice. This helmet stands as a testament to this fact.
Head Ivory Helm Y 270 6 -1 This plate helm has been augmented with magically imbued Ivory. While it doesn't provide additional protection from standard blows, it does make the wearer feel lucky. It turns out luck is a valuable commodity when protecting your head.
Head Light Plate Helm 260 Metal 3 3 -1 A helm crafted from thick, durable plates of steel. It may be cumbersome but it should help protect from dangers such as falling rocks.
Head Rusty Helm Y 26 4 -1 Well, it's better than nothing, but only barely.
Head Obsidian Helm Y 270 7 -1 10 The dull obsidian inlaid in this helmet seems to absorb the energy from the room. It was crafted by an expert to protect its wearer from harmful spells.
Head Titan's Crown Y 750 10 -1 Forged from cold iron, the crown's barbs dig into the skin of the wearer - but there is no doubting that the pain is worth the power the crown offers.
Head Warding Plate Helm Y 240 6 -1 8 The glyphs adorning this helm have been specifically laid out to ward its bearer from enemy spells.
Bracers Plate Vambraces 220 Metal 4 5 -1 A design of armlets from a time long forgotten. They are a marvel of efficiency, providing unrivaled protection while remaining lighter than similar armor.
Bracers Champion's Vambraces 440 Crystal 6 6 -1 The works of a master armorsmith are meticulously crafted to protect their wearers beyond the capability of normal armlets.
Bracers Light Plate Vambraces 140 Metal 3 3 -1 Standard armlets made of forged steel. While heavy, they will provide substantial protection for your forearms.
Bracers Rusty Vambraces Y 24 4 -1 These arm guards combine defense and tetanus in one convenient package.
Bracers Gauntlets of Grazna Y 180 4 Originally given to the gate commanders of Grazna, a few sets of these enchanted gauntlets have survived.
Bracers Star Forged Gauntlets Y 400 10 -1 These gauntlets imbue the wearer with the power of the stars.
Bracers Volcanic Gauntlets Y 190 6 -1 50% These gauntlets have been smelted in the furnaces over the Pit of Sarpah. They are made from a steel alloy formed from the volcano walls causing them to be resistant to heat.
Bracers Fists of the Sun Y 360 6 -1 50% These bracers have been imbued with magical energies that will keep the wearer warm through the harshest cold.
Breastpiece Adept's Robe Y 150 1 Though the enchantment on these robes is faint they still help link the wearer to the arcane.
Breastpiece Aegis Robe 240 Crystal 6 6 5 These robes combine a variety of enchantments that soften blows, turn enemy weapons aside and protect from even the sharpest blades.
Breastpiece Archmage's Robe Y 600 5 The art of enchanting these robes has been lost, but at one time an archmage's last trial and proof of his proficiency in magic was the creation of his robes. This robe has the initials "E.G.G." sewn into the lining.
Breastpiece Mage's Robe Y 300 3 These robes billow and move even when there is no wind. When the wearer casts they whip out as the arcane energy is channeled through them and into the caster.
Breastpiece Monk's Robe 180 Crystal 2 10 Queen Procipinee was taught to craft these robes as a girl, and because of her that knowledge has survived.
Shield Round Shield 30 Metal 2 4 4 A standard shield, light and able to protect the head or the body - but not at the same time.
Shield Ghost Shield Y 120 4 4 The steel wore away centuries ago, but the enchantment lingers on.
Shield Glyph Round Shield Y 120 4 4 6 This standard round shield has been adorned with magical glyphs to help ward the bearer from enemy spells.
Shield Bronze Shield 30 Metal 2 4 4 The armies of Krax keep these shields so polished they flash and reflect the light, blinding attackers and confusing enemies.
Shield Shield of Summer Y 180 6 6 50% A round shield that has been magically enchanted to radiate heat into its wearer. It helps ward off the biting cold.
Shield Shield of the West Wind Y 120 6 6 Forged in the furious maelstroms carried on the western winds, this shield has been enchanted to help its bearer to weather any storm.
Shield Rusty Shield 10 3 3 It's good for at least one more battle.
Shield Tower Shield 240 Metal 6 8 8 Tower shields provide unrivaled protection and body coverage. They are quite cumbersome, however, requiring a sure hand and strong back to wield.
Shield Golem Shield 240 Metal 6 10 10 The protection this shield offers does not come from enchantment, but from layers of iron. It was not intended to be wielded by men, but by the tireless Gilden Iron Golems.
Shield Impenetrable Tower Shield Y 1480 14 14 This tower shield is made of a near-impenetrable steel alloy blended with refined crystal. It is unrivaled in its ability to shrug off the mightiest of blows.
Shield Obsidian Tower Shield Y 360 10 10 10 This shield has been embossed with shards of obsidian that seem to deaden magic in an area around the wearer.
Shield Reinforced Tower Shield Y 390 12 12 The unmistakable glow of magic hangs about this tower shield. A powerful alchemist clearly aided in its construction, weaving strengthening spells into its base materials.
Shield Tectonic Bulwark Y 2700 15 15 The glow of magic hangs about this shield. The magic of mountains and that which preserves.
Shield Shield of the Sentinel Y 570 10 10 A tower shield carefully made by a master armorsmith. The care in its crafting is apparent through both its intricate inscriptions and its improved durability.
Shield Wood Shield 20 2 2 The simplest of shields, nothing more than a chunk of wood fashioned into a rudimentary blocker. Every little bit of protection helps, just be wary of splinters.
Cloak Arctic Wolf Cloak 90 1 25% Altar hunters plan excursions into the northern wastes to hunt arctic wolves. These cloaks are made entirely from the corpse.
Boots Boots of Stealth Y 265 2 5 Beautifully embroidered, utterly silent.
Boots Boots of the Spider 190 Crystal 10 High black boots with silver spider clasps. There are no hooks for the clasps, instead the spiders animate and tie the wearer into the boots.
Cloak Cloak of Shadows 225 Crystal 10 10 The wearer's body seems to disappear into this midnight black cloak.
Cloak Cloak of Stars Y 825 3 24 This dark blue cloak has silver stars twinkling within its depths.
Cloak Cloak of the Night Y 315 15 6 Lights dim when this cloak comes near. Candles flicker and go out, torches flutter and fade.
Boots Dancing Boots Y 265 5 Beautifully embroidered with gold thread on red satin.
Cloak Darkling Cloak Y 135 5 These are created in Deorcnysse, by arts that are unknown by men, and held secret by darkling shamans.
Cloak Scaled Cloak 80 25% You would still be burnt to ash if a dragon breathed on you while wearing this cloak, but not as much.
Cloak Dragon Hide Cloak 240 Crystal 3 2 50% What some may mistake for a weathered travelers cloak is an object of great value.
Head Emerald Skullcap Y 125 1 5 The skullcap instills both brilliance and paranoia in whoever wears it.
Head Lucky Skullcap Y 150 1 5 This skullcap brings luck to whoever wears it.
Cloak Garrote Cloak Y 285 3 75% Although traditionally made of the fur of a garrote, it is the treatment in the garrote's blood that provides the magic.
Cloak Soldier's Cloak 80 Crystal 1 10 A soldier's cloak is a symbol of commitment by the strong and proud of the realm.
Cloak Ice Warg Cloak 210 Crystal 3 2 50% The long silver-white fur of the warg cascades down the cloak like snow on the ocean.
Boots Longstrider Boots Y 90 These pristine longstrider boots allow the wearer to move quickly overland.


Name Attack Boost First Turn Init First Turn Init Movement Bonus
Horse 2 2 0 2
Pony 2 2 2 3
Warhorse 3 3 0 2
Warg 0 0 2 1
Ravenous Harridan 0 0 2 2
Ashwake Dragon 0 0 4 2
Mire Skath 0 0 2 2
War Boar 3 3 2 2


Name Champion Resource Cost Shop Rarity Description
Amulet of Flames Crystal 4 180 Uncommon When it is worn even the wearer's caress burns those he or she touches. Although some see this as a weapon, the Quendar are known to use it for pleasure.
Amulet of Frost Crystal 4 180 Uncommon Though it pains the wearer when it is first put it on, in time it hurts more to remove it.
Amulet of Haste Crystal 4 90 Uncommon "What use are training yards or captains when the spirit of Elemental will reach out and command the best from any soldier?" - Queen Procipinee
Amulet of Life Y 115 Uncommon This magical amulet will improve the wearer's health.
Amulet of the Eagle Y 90 Uncommon This necklace increases the wearer's sight range.
Amulet of Warding Crystal 3 180 Uncommon This magical amulet will increase the wearer's defense.
Band of Agility Y 75 Uncommon This ring increases the wearer's Dodge.
Band of Insight Y 75 Uncommon These rings were often gifted to young Amarian nobles on their first excursions. Those that returned often became heroes amongst their people, those that didn't often found their rings decorating Yithril necklaces.
Band of Might Y 75 Uncommon This ring increases the wearer's Attack.
Band of the Berserker Y 60 Uncommon This golden ring blazes with a warm crimson light. Its wearer will see their Attack increased, but they will take 1 damage every action when in battle.
Band of the Stalwart Y 85 Uncommon This golden ring blazes with a warm crimson light. It increases the defense of those that wear it, and is said to protect guards from falling asleep on watch.
Belt of Precognition Crystal 3 115 Common Magnar ordered his archers to fire and the arrows rained down as thick as grass in a field. Through each volley Queen Procipinee continued forward, blue light radiating from her hands and controlled power in her eyes. Though an army stood against her, no arrow struck her.
Braided Belt Metal 8 115 Uncommon This belt, also known at the girdle of the lord, is prized for its ability to protect the wearer by crisscrossing the torso with fine steel. Expensive to produce, its presence implies a wealthy opponent.
Belt of Speed Crystal 1 115 Uncommon This belt is also known as the Belt of the Wind, the Mancer Belt or the Dancer's Girdle. No matter the name its impact on the wearer is unquestionable, their reactions and effectiveness in combat is increased.
Compass Y 90 Uncommon It always points north, leading many to wonder what lies in that direction.
Delin's Ember Y 2700 Unique "Stop! The beast contained herein shall not be set free, not even by you!" -Tyrael
Enchanted Backpack Y 90 Common Everything the bearer carries becomes lighter when this backpack is worn, increasing the wearer's initiative.
Ereog's Token Y 390 UltraRare An ancient artifact that predates even the Forge of the Overlord. It was once worn by Ereog, a man of peace and learning and has been prized by merchants, scholars and nobles for generations.
Golden Belt Y 115 Uncommon Though it appears to be gold the belt is enchanted to be much stronger. It has the same effect on whoever wears it.
Hate Stone Y 120 Common This vile item is probably not healthy but it causes the soldier to go into a fury during battle.
Flickering Ring Y 180 Uncommon This ring sometimes appears on different fingers or even the other hand from the one the wearer put it on.
Marakata Ring Y 250 Uncommon This ring allows the wearer to cast powerful earth spells. It also shatters any false gemstones that are held in the bearers hand and is the bane of counterfeiters.
Ring of Ash Y 250 Uncommon For all bearers, except the Quendar, the ring burns the skin beneath when worn, leaving a permanent mark of its use.
Ring of Restoration Y 250 Uncommon This ring not only empowers healing spells, it increases the vitality and growth of plants, making it a favorite of gardeners and herbalists.
Ring of Calling Y 250 Uncommon The name has two meanings. For one it strengthens the wearer's summon spells, but it also causes them to hear echoes from distant worlds.
Midnight Stone Y 75 Common Midnight stones are highly valued as ancient relics of the Titans.
Vial of Poison 15 Common With this the unit can apply poison to his weapons, making even the most glancing blows lethal.
Procipinee's Crown Y 25 UltraRare Fashioned of silver and amethyst the crown radiates magic, enough to maintain any enchantments on the wearer.
Ring of Embers Crystal 2 75 Uncommon This ring imbues the wearer's attacks with fire.
First Aid Kit 20 Common A good first aid kit is more than a remedy in times of need, it is a guard against the everyday infections and bruises that a less prepared army must simply endure.
Rations 30 Common An army travels on its stomach. At least one without arms and legs. Then it goes stomach, back, stomach, back...
Ring of Life Crystal 2 75 Uncommon Fashioned from crystal and imbued with a micron of a Channeler's essence, this ring increases the health of its wearer.
Ring of Mastery Y 735 UltraRare Forged in imperium silver this ring has been handed down through generations of channelers.
Ring of Storms Y 75 Uncommon This ring imbues the wearer's attacks with lightning.
Ring of the Glacier Crystal 2 75 Uncommon This ring imbues the wearer's attacks with cold.
Ring of Wisdom Y 150 Rare Gouges mar this rings twisted band. It is blackened by fire and in places corroded by acid. Two of the five opals that were once inset in the band are missing.
Scar Stone 15 Common The Quendar have a ritual where their young grip this stone from a bed of hot coals. If they maintain their grip on it while it sears their flesh then they are accepted as an adult among their people.
Silver Goblet Y 90 Uncommon While your army may drink out of crude cups or a waterskin this goblet is more suitable for a king. Liquids placed in it are not only cleansed of poison but become powerful balms against any poisons the bearer may suffer from.
Spider Venom Sack 45 Common These are easily sold in any marketplace to merchant and traders. Though they claim to sell them to healers and sages nearly all of them are sold to assassins and those interested in making poison.
Tear of Cyndrum Y 150 Common Also known as nightmare stones these are actually slivers of a death shard. They grow in areas of great pain and suffering and some are known to be harvested in the torture pits of Umber.
Telescope Y 225 Common This telescope is used to see great distances, increasing your line of sight.
Throwing Knives Metal 2 45 Common A set of finely balanced throwing knives.
Troll Charm Crystal 2 195 Uncommon This bone charm increases the wearer's heal rate.
Turtle Charm Y 160 Uncommon When gripped the marble statue animates and the turtles head and legs slip into the shell.
Ward of Health Y 105 Uncommon This enchanted token is made of Irulian Crystaline.
Whetstone Y 40 Common A handy whetstone helps keep weapons in their perfect, lethal, condition.

Usable Items

Name Battle Shop Rarity Description
The Art of the Fist 90 Common This first book of Ezmir's Decalon, contains lessons on armed and unarmed combat, many taken from a no longer extant tome called the Creed of the Valorous, written by Aerus Aelmann.
Growing a Thicker Skin 90 Common Another book of the Decalon - the ten volumes of Ezmir's journals which he used to teach Procipinee the arts of the sovereign during the Long March.
Defense for Fools 90 Common This is sometimes considered the 11th book of the Decalon. It is a single, lengthy narrative regarding the exploits of a thief named T'Sha Villere. Villere spent most of his time searching the catacombs beneath the Verhaellem for treasure.
The Legend of Tandis 30 Common Tales of the Titans, the great Tandis in particular, as recalled and subsequently written down by Ezmir.
Against Az-Adoras 45 Common A biography of the great men and women of the past, and some of their more inspirational deeds - tales of Ereog and the army of men he put together to confront Az-Adoras, the Dark Prince of Al-Ashteroth. It also talks about Ezmir's struggles to keep together the great army of the west, in the time just prior to the Cataclysm.
From Tents to Thrones 60 Uncommon From Ezmir's Decalon - this volume contains numerous extracts regarding the formation of the Empire of Hallas, taken from the diaries of Josryn the Elder; given the length of these extracts, many believe that Ezmir copied them directly from a no-longer extant collection of those documents.
Adventures of Breon 90 Uncommon The contents of this book are thought by many to be apocryphal, containing as they do the supposed 'adventures of Breon in the far continent, as told by her daughter Nimmeria.' It is believed that Ezmir used these adventures as teaching parables for his student, the young Procipinee.
Tandis vs. Talax 150 Uncommon A slim volume, one of the last books of Ezmir's Decalon, drawn from the Creed of the Valorous and elsewhere, containing solely lethal combat techniques.
Draginol's Journal on Space-Time 150 Uncommon Strangest book of the Decalon, written not by Ezmir, but by a Quendar scholar named Ourannes who became his servant/assistant on the Long March. This book is written as a series of dialogues between Ourannes and the Destiny, and implies that there may be other worlds beyond this one.
Codex of Hosten 90 Common Less a book of spells than a discussion of the channeler's technique, supposedly written by Hosten himself, but widely believed to postdate his death by several centuries.
Bread Y 20 Common It floats in water. Much like apples, very small rocks, cider, gravy, cherries, mud and churches. Eat it to heal.
Skath Egg 90 Uncommon Breaking open this enchanted egg will cause a baby Skath to fight for you.
Healing Nectar Y 50 Common A revitalizing concoction of various fruit and nectars said to heal the wounded. Drink it to heal.
Letter of Mark 90 Uncommon Using this letter will summon a mercenary to your group.
Mushroom Y 40 Common A rare type of mushroom that works wonders for the world-weary traveler. Eat it to heal.
Healing Potion Y 100 Common A revitalizing concoction of magical origin that can heal the wounded. Drink it to heal.
Iru Elixir Y 250 Common A revitalizing concoction of magical origin that can heal the wounded. Drink it to heal and remove a random injury.
Salted Pork Y 30 Common A rare type of salted pork that works wonders for a weary soul. Eat it to heal.
Dark Concoction 75 Common The dark liquid inside smells like it has been filtered through an Ogre's loincloth. It tastes even worse.
Ironeer Ale 80 Common A hearty brew that bestows some of its vitality on the drinker, if they can get it down.
Pariden Wine 180 Common It brings vibrant dreams where you dance among starlight. When you awake some of that grace remains.
Restoration Potion Y 200 Rare This powerful potion not only heals the imbiber, but it removes any injuries a champion may have sustained from escaping from battle.
Trog Blood 115 Common The trogs claim that the name isn't literal. But that would explain the taste.
Quest Map 100 Uncommon These maps can be used as clues to unique opportunities in the world.
Rune Tablet 225 Common Reading from the tablet improves your spell resistance.
Air Walker Scroll 90 UltraRare The script blurs and shimmers across the page. The echo of a channeler's commands trapped in velum. You have only to recite the words to release the spell.
Blight Scroll 180 Rare This ancient scroll is so worn it is nearly transparent. Ash continually falls from it, and where it lands the grass withers and dies.
Scroll of Fortune 180 Uncommon This ancient scroll gives the reader the ability to discover money where its least expected.
Recall Scroll 180 Common Many think the spell works through an emotional connection with one's home. But it is linked to the base of the caster's power, and will draw the caster's army back to that location.
Tilda Herbs Y 45 Common Tilda Herbs are highly valued for their medicinal uses.
Token of the Friend 90 Uncommon This token will summon man's best friend.
Token of the Sand Golem 240 Uncommon This token will summon a sand golem to aid you.
Token of the Wolf 90 Common This token will summon a wolf to serve you
Tome of the Inferno 90 Rare From lava flow and fallen star

To burning heart of the Quendar All light, all fear, all pain holds dear Is held within the magistar

Tome of the Mountain 90 Rare Mountain sons and miners born

Scattered when the world was torn Deaf to shards, with iron guards Whom the Aivernach mourn

Tome of the Waves 90 Rare What has Cyndrum's pool revealed?

Can wounds of centuries be healed? Beneath the waves How many graves? What darkness has the fool unsealed?

Tome of the Wind 90 Rare Sing that dawn will rise each day

Sing that Hope won't fall away That wild men Can rise again And that the rebel court will stay


Class of item.
Only for Champions
Required level.
Hit Points...
Critical chance...
Cold Res 
Cold Resistance...
Fire Res 
Fire Resistance...
Ltn Res 
Lightning Resistance...
Psn Res 
Poison Resistance...
Spel Res 
Spell Resist...
Spel Mast 
Spell Mastery...


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