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FE RetroShards.png Welcome to, a community-driven reference wiki for the Elemental series of video games by Stardock Entertainment.

"As the title suggests, Legendary Heroes places single-unit leaders centre stage, beginning with the ruler of a player’s people. As in the previous game, these mighty characters can be selected from several pinch-faced pre-designed folks or created, using a broad set of skills, attributes and equipment. Even the culture to which they belong can be hand-crafted and then saved, which means that after a few campaigns the game has a collection of user-made factions that can be added as AI opponents. The depth of customisation options extends to the randomised worlds as well, which can now be configured – if you fancy cutting down on the questing and exploration of the early game, that’s possible, but if you’d rather spend more time with the wandering monsters rather than the faction vs faction warfare and empire-building, create a world full of monsters and mysteries. Legendary Heroes will let you do that.

...A few hours later you’ll be raiding hell portals and hitting demons on their chitinous chins with magical hammers, which are precisely the sort of hobbies that legends are constructed around." : Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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This is an ongoing, community-driven project by an ever expanding group of Sages, so check back often for updates.

However, BE FOREWARNED: This entire website contains "game spoiling secretsss..."

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